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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Light the Way - Discover Your Purpose

The girls in the prison reformatory were all gathered together in the cafeteria. Today was special, for a lady known to them only as the “Teacher” was to pay them a visit, which for them was a break from the predictability of their monotonous routine. They were promised that the Teacher would “Light the Way” for them, sharing with them what they needed to do differently in order to turn their lives around. This could be just the recipe we need, they thought to themselves; in order to avoid the confusion they felt regarding what to do next in their lives.

The discussion began with the Teacher announcing, “You are your own light—Even if you don’t see yourself in that light.” She paused briefly, then continued, “This is the message that I came to share with you today. Do you understand, or perhaps you have questions?”

Everyone in the audience looked at each other thinking, “Yeah, so, what’s your point?” Finally, someone stood up and asked, “What are you talking about? We were told you would help us understand what to do and where to go with our lives when we leave here. But I don’t see how what you’ve said is going to accomplish that.”

The Teacher responded, “Have any of you ever considered that you are the cure for your own problems? You continue to create problems in your life, and then wait for someone to correct you, or punish you. It hasn’t seemed to occur to you that correcting or avoiding these problems is your puzzle to solve—not your teachers, parents, or friends. Maturity is the wondrous realization that it is your job to fix your life. The one who is ultimately responsible and accountable for your life is you.”

Another person stood to ask, “How the heck, are we supposed to do that? If we were capable of that we wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

“Precisely,” responded the Teacher. “This is a wake-up-call, a psychological alarm, an opportunity to change your life. But, before anything new can happen—you have to be aware of, and then believe, that you are able to change things. You are just as capable as everyone else.”

A person in the back of the room stood, “So what is this light you spoke of, and how exactly does it change us?”

“Excellent question,” the Teacher responded. “So then, the question of what is the light comes down to this—it is accessing your own personal wisdom. This may be accomplished through many different processes used individually or collectively. You can begin by paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This generates an awareness of who you are and how you operate. You’ll begin to differentiate between your own personality and that of another. You can adopt the attitude that you will learn the lessons presented through life experiences, and that with reflection [or hindsight], your life begins to have context within all of your experiences. You begin to understand the mechanics of your behavior, your thoughts, and your feelings. This reflection will generate new insights which will change you at the core of your being. Then you will be in a position to discover your purpose in life—which is where personal happiness and fulfillment meet.”

Everyone in the audience looked at each other with a smile of relief—for now they understood what the Teacher meant by: “You are your own light—Even if you can’t see yourself in that light (in that way).”

V.P. Mosser

©2001-2008 V.P. Mosser
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