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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Articles For The Emotionally and Spiritually Abused

The Exit & Support Network has a large number of articles for the emotionally and spiritually abused ex members of religious high-demand groups. I have arranged the links below into logical alphabetical sections.

Leaving a religious high-demand group
An End to Guilt
Are Exiters "Out of Fellowship With God"...
Comforting Words About the True God
How Do People Get Out of Religious Cults?
Loving What's Right Means Hating What's Wrong
Prayers For Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds
What Were The Lies and What is the Truth?

After leaving a religious high-demand group
Common Emotional Difficulties
Common Spiritual Difficulties
From Victim to Survivor
Getting the Group Out of Us
Handling Depression, Anxiety, Fear and Guilt
How Did Herbert Armstrong Recruit People?
How to Recover After Exiting a Deceptive, Abusive Group
How to Walk Yourself Through a Panic Attack
Indications of Recovery For an Abuse Survivor
It's Hard to Get Close to God after leaving PCG
Questioning Herbert W. Armstrong
Recovery Issues and What to Expect
Surviving the Emergency Stage
The Healing Process After Exiting a Deceptive Group
What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Left an Abusive Group
Where Do the Feelings Go?
Why Do Many Exiters Turn to Agnosticism or Atheism?

Testimonies by people who have left high-demand groups
"Could No Longer Ignore We Were Victimized"
"Good to Be Free From the Worldwide CoG"
"Looking Back on My Experiences"
Personal Writings about Worldwide CoG
"Predators -- How Dare They!!!"
Stories and Testimonies by Exiters
Struggles With Attending Other Churches
Trauma With Another Church
Understanding How People Are Controlled in PCG

Also :-
Articles For Child Survivors
Cautions if Somebody From The Media Wants to Interview You
Understanding Mind Control Groups

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