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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Two Witnesses of Revelation - by Dennis Diehl

"In my 26-year experience as a Pastor, I had managed to meet 23 of the Two Witnesses of Revelation. I am tempted to say 11 pairs and one who thought he was both, but that’s not how it really was. Every one of these was a lone male, sometimes a pastor, sometimes a member, often times a lone religious renegade that no church would claim. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the Two Witnesses, these are the two final humans ..... who will tell all of us on the earth why the end has come. ..... The description is found here in Revelation 11 ....."

"While I personally feel that the chance of any two human beings being taken seriously in this role is about nil, it is none-the-less a very big part of the prophetic hopes of many literalists, especially those in what have become the remaining splinters of the now defunct Worldwide Church of God. ..... The Two Witnesses would never come from the Worldwide Church of God ....."
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Que's comments :-
So this is justification for thinking that Ronald Weinland - pastor of the Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of God - is very unlikely to be who he says he is. If there have already been over 20 people in the various Churches of God claiming to be one of the Two Witnesses the chances of another claimant being authentic are very slim indeed!

Further, if none of the prophecies come true, and the claimant doesn't have any of the Witnesses' powers, he or she is most likely suffering from delusions of grandeur, and is guilty of religious fraud and extortion. There should be a law against it.

Note. Fraud is described as being deliberate deception, trickery or cheating by a person who acts in a false or deceitful way. One meaning of extortion is to secure money or favors etc. by the misuse of authority. -- The pastor of a church that displays the characteristics of a destructive cult is most definitely "misusing authority".


jack635 said...

The "two witnesses" wouldn't have to claim to be prophets. No announcement on their part would be needed. Deeds speak.

My Name is Wesley said...

A part of me would say that Ronald Weinland should be arrested before he deceives any more. Another part would say, let him be because his followers are too gullible and naive to be convinced otherwise.

Que said...

So in other words their status would be self-evident. Whatever they predict will come true, and according to Revelation 11 they will be able to stop the rain, turn water into blood, and "smite the earth with all plagues". Religious leaders with knowledge of Revelation 11 will no doubt know exactly who they are...

PS. I added your blog to the list, Wesley.

danja said...

We hope and pray that God, exhalts himself before us. No man, any man that speakth un-truth and demands to be self-praised by others will be judged seven folds over.

Who and what God's witnesses are should not be our focus, but what they have to deliver for us. Salvation to the Heveanly Host.

adyal said...

The two witnesses are going to be hated by everyone. Including religious people. Religious people won't like what they have to say. It is no wonder they will probably die on Dec. 21 and the whole nation celebrating giving gifts one to another, probably meaning they are glad the two witnesses who tormented everyone is dead. Plus it is Christmas time when everyone is giving gifts one to another. Sad so sad, for the witnesses. Will God send them from heaven or have they been born as a child and raised amongst us? Do they know who they are or will an angel appear to them like it did Mary? I don't think the bible has those answers, I can't find it if it does. I pray for them to be strong.

Que said...

You will know who the Two Witnesses are. Whatever they predict will come true, and they will be able to stop the rain, turn water into blood, and "smite the earth with all plagues".
By the way, there is absolutely no evidence that anything bad will happen on Dec. 21, of any year. The websites, books, and videos can say anything they like, but they won't be able to supply any scientific evidence to back up their wild claims. After December 21, 2012, I expect the Internet will be flooded with apologies written by doomsayers whose claims didn’t have a basis in fact.

Anonymous said...

i thought that anyone with enough faith could stop the rain. i've done it a few times, only when its to lead someone to christ though.
i wouldn't say i was one of the 2 witnesses though, not unless the other one comes to tell me i am. though i have had about 15 near death situations which just makes me hold tighter to christ.

Que said...

I'm interested in your 15 near death situations. Did you nearly have serious accidents? Or, were you unconscious for a short time, and did you think you saw something? Did you perhaps think you had a guardian angel looking after you? Thanks for any information.
-- Peter (aka Que)