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Saturday, November 29, 2008

WCG splinters - modern day cults ??

[ Please note that the extracts below might not apply to *all* WCoG splinters.
List of splinters inside USA
List of splinters outside USA ]

While surfing around the Internet recently I found this blog post by Van Robison :-

Here are a few extracts :-

"The original Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong no longer exists. It can't exist because the founder deceased at the age of about 93 or thereabouts in 1986."
"It is astonishing that many still bow at [His] feet as if he were God himself."
"[He] still has many followers, including splinter or offshoot groups who believe they are the 'true church of God' on earth. From what I have read there are literally hundreds of splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God, and since it was a church organization that spread out over the world into many countries, there have been many splinter groups formed."
"Being spiritually seduced by false teachers is a tragedy of life. Some human beings love to play the role of being God on earth and unfortunately often deceive many into following their deceptions."
"It goes without saying that the original Worldwide Church of God has impacted the lives of countless human beings around the world in many countries. The same can be said for many other church organizations. The common denominator for all these groups is that the "head" of all such groups is NOT Jesus Christ [or God, Jehovah, etc.], but human beings who usurp [His] place in the lives of the people."
"The great common error that millions of human beings make in life, is in following self-appointed 'spiritual' leaders, who proclaim 'authority' from heaven. It often results in such great disillusionment that many turn from God altogether and become 'bitter' atheists, while some even commit suicide...
"It is a mystery of life as to why so many human beings are seduced by deception and yield their lives to magnetic personalities..."

If you wish to know more about this "mystery of life", please go to my blog post here :-


Anonymous said...

I belong to a "splinter" group. I grew up in WCG. I however do not worship HWA or any man that is "in authority". Everything I do is between myself and God. In reality, every single church can be considered a cult by definition. The term is really getting old to me. I am not in a cult, we are not exclusive, and I don't believe that I belong to the only true church. And I know lots of others in my congregation that feel the same way.

Que said...

Sorry I didn't make it clear in the post - I know there are splinters that are now a mild version of the original doctrines, and they cannot be described as being a 'cult' with the associated mind-control abuses.
I am trying hard to reach the people who are not as lucky as you - those people who were *recruited* rather than just joined a church.
Anyway, thanks very much for your comments. By the way, I would be really interested to know which splinter your church is affiliated to. Please feel free to use the email address in the 'About me' section if you wish.
== 'Que' ==