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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time for a little English 'humour'

Just to show that it isn't all doom, gloom, and debunking, here is a little English humour. ('humor' for North Americans!)

The first clip is from a very popular motoring program called 'Top Gear'.
Please click here :-
(Note that the website's player might take quite some time to load.)

The next one is a little known clip by the famous Monty Python :-

YouTube page :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvk2wNWmB20

Ron jumps the English Channel.
Ron eats Chichester Cathedral.
Ron digs a tunnel to Java.
Ron splits a railway carriage with his nose.
Ron runs to Mercury.
Ron breaks the world record for remaining underground.

What next?
Perhaps Ron will magically arise from his underground world record and become one of the Two Witnesses... ?
Oh, I forgot, somebody else called Ron has already claimed that one ...
(Ronald Weinland info _here_ )


...or, perhaps some European humour :-

Berlin TV tower - lift off from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo.

Insider footage showing NASA's strange theft of famous Berlin landmark.


1 comment:

jack635 said...

I grew up watching Monty Python's Flying Circus every saturday evening. They did a lot of religious type comedy. Quest for the Holy Grail is a classic movie that most kids now a days have not seen.

Since most people today don't go to church, they probably wouldn't find it funny.

I just realized something. I'm old.