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Friday, February 20, 2009

'Join Us' - a film about a cult - by Ondi Timoner

From the website :- joinusthemovie

"There are thousands of cults in America.
This is the story of one."

"Award winning filmmaker, Ondi Timoner, follows four families as they leave an abusive church in South Carolina and realize they have been in a cult. The film documents them as they enter Wellspring, the only accredited, live-in cult treatment facility in the world, where they learn the true extent of the [so-called] 'brainwashing' they have all experienced. Eventually they return home to bring the Pastor and his wife to justice, and ... begin to rebuild their damaged lives."

"JOIN US presents an intimate look at the inner workings of a cult from both the members and the cult leaders' points of view. It is an emotional human portrait that explores the reasons why America is the number one breeding ground for cults in the world, and a chilling reminder that it can happen to anyone."

Film Trailer :-

Ondi Timoner talks about the film :-

Take the Cult Test questionaire on the website.

About: Liz Shaw - Cult Expert from the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center.

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