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Friday, October 23, 2009

Que's Blog Reaches 10,000 Visits !!

Sure, that 10,000 total is nothing compared to similar blogs, but it is significant for me! When I started the blog on August 2, 2008 I had no idea how successful it would be - or if it would get any visitors at all! I remember being pleased when it attracted 250 visits! I even posted a list of the countries of those visitors on August 9, 2008; and then again for 500 visits on August 29. (Back then it was a total of 23 countries -- now there is a grand total of 101 countries!)

These were the first six posts :-
Space Exploration by NASA
"End of the World" in the Year 2012 ??
"The Firmament" Video
Survivors of Destructive Cults
Mind Control by Cults
and, Have They Been Recruited by a Cult?
They were a combination of posts I had made on a forum called Ironwolf, and a few articles on religious cults I had found on a website that belongs to the Spotlight Ministries in the United Kingdom. I was pleased to get permission from Spotlight to use their articles.

I was also pleased that other similar blogs created links to this one. It certainly helped to get the blog established. The [now deleted] Ambassador Watch blog even posted an article about this one! It was rather 'tongue-in-cheek', and humorous, and showed a little North Island bias -- a good natured banter between the two main islands in New Zealand.

This year the blog started to explore subjects that aren't directly related to Armstrongism, Church of God, or religious cults. But I think the new subjects still came under the broad heading of debunking -- or attempting to prove that the idea, theory, or prediction doesn't have a basis in fact, and can often be described as being pseudo-science. (Pseudoscience does not adhere to the scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, and often lacks scientific status. In other words, it is wild speculation.)

The name of the blog - Foresight of Hindsight means you can predict that if you take part in a risky project, gathering, team, movement, abusive religious group, or cult, you will eventually regret your actions, and you will wish that you hadn't been so foolish. In other words, based on your experiences, maturity and intelligence, you are able to have fore-knowledge, or insight into the likely adverse effects of taking part in those risky activities. The blog attempts to help people with their foresight of hindsight. (If you have foreknowledge you are forewarned.)

Some visitors might be puzzled or confused by the photographs at the top of the blog pages. They are supposed to be a visual representation of the name of the blog. The main photo is actually two photos that were carefully 'stitched' together. The right hand side was originally a copy of the left hand side. It has had the image of the man digitally removed. The small photo is intended to be very similar to the photo that the man is in the process of taking. I imagine that he is using some foresight (based on his knowledge of photography) of what the photo will look like - in addition to what he sees through the viewfinder. (He isn't a part of the scene -- hence the right hand side shows the scene without his image.) Looking at a photo is a form of hindsight -- you aren't looking at the scene as it appears right now in real life. You are looking at a facsimile of the scene as it appeared in one instant in time -- you are looking back in time.

I have identified which visitor made visit number 10,000.
These are the details of the visit as recorded by the Sitemeter program :-

(You can click on it for a larger image.)
Notice the search words were: "scientisi 2012". Google suggested that "scientist 2012" were the intended search words. The first result in the search, out of about 3,150,000 possibilities, was the page in this blog with the title: 'Scientist Responds to 2012 End-of-World Hype'.
...And yes, it is the most popular page in the blog. Further, any Google search that includes the words 'scientist(s)' and '2012' will usually hit that page as the first result in the search.
Note. The visit length could not be recorded because the visitor didn't click on anything while he/she was viewing the page.

This is the City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada -- where the 10,000 visitor's Internet Service Provider is based :-


Anybody willing to predict that the blog will reach 20,000 visits before December 21, 2012 ??
Which city will visitor number 20,000 come from? As you are reading this, 66% of the visits have been from North America, 56% have been from the United States, and the most popular states within that country have been California and Texas. So I would guess Los Angeles or Houston. Is that logical ??

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