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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Second Ron Weinland Fail Day

Ronald Weinland is the pastor of the 'Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of God' (COG-PKG). His first 'Fail Day' was on April 17, 2008. He had predicted that the 'Sounding of the First Trumpet' would start the 'Great Tribulation', and would also be the beginning of his job as the 'Spokesman of the Two Witnesses'. (The Two Witnesses are mentioned in Revelation - the last book of the Christian Bible.) He said that the effects of the First Trumpet (death of one third of the plants in the United States) would increase in destructive power over a seven week period.

I like to call April 17, 2008 his first Fail Day because nothing unusually destructive happened on that day, or on any days during the following seven week period. Certainly nothing that he had predicted. His excuse was that the effects were "spiritual".

Comments made during the April 17 non-event on the 'ironwolf.dangerousgames' forum can be seen here :-

Ronald Weinland's second Fail Day is destined to be this Sunday, May 27 (on our calendar). Since the Church of God religious sect uses the Jewish calendar for their festival dates, Ron's Fail Day is actually from sunset on Saturday night to sunset on Sunday night. (Sunset to sunset is the Jewish day.) Ron's predictions for this Fail Day are economic collapse, WW3, and other general apocalyptic events - or at least the start of them.

It is generally thought that Jerusalem will be the city that first sees the effects of any [imaginary or spiritual] apocalyptic events. Sunset in Jerusalem is on Saturday, May 26, at about 7:36 pm. (Israel Daylight Time, IDT).
In case anybody is wondering, some of the equivalent times around the world are :-
USA Pacific - Sat. 9:36 am. (PDT)
USA Eastern - Sat. 12:36 pm. (EDT)
(GMT/UTC is Sat. 16:36.)
United Kingdom - Sat. 5:36 pm. (BST)
Sydney, Australia - Sun. 2:36 am. (EST)
New Zealand - Sun. 4:36 am. (NZST)

I intend to monitor the news services (for fun!) from the time shown above, much like I did on April 17, 2008, and record any unusual events below. I fully expect that there will be none! Earth will continue as usual. I will also change the time entries below from grey to black once they have passed. (Sorry I won't  be near any computers between 3pm and 7pm on Sunday, NZ time.)

A fellow blogger called 'Jack635' (http://jack635.blogspot.com/) has reminded me that my country, New Zealand, is one of the first countries to see the new day - because it is close to the [imaginary] International Date Line that goes down the center of the Pacific Ocean. So if there is anything unusual to see or hear or feel, New Zealanders will be among the first people to see or hear or feel it. (Thanks a lot Jack!) In case you're wondering, I'm *not* expecting to see or hear or feel anything unusual.

USA _____ USA _____ UK ______ Israel ___ Australia ___ New Zealand
(PDT)     (EDT)     (BST)     (IDT)      (EST)         (NZST)
SAT.      SAT.      SAT.      SAT.       SUN.          SUN.
9:36am __ 12:36pm _ 5:36pm __ 7:36pm ___ 2:36am ______ 4:36am
10am ____ 1pm _____ 6pm _____ 8pm ______ 3am _________ 5am
11am ____ 2pm _____ 7pm _____ 9pm ______ 4am _________ 6am
12pm ____ 3pm _____ 8pm _____ 10pm _____ 5am _________ 7am
1pm _____ 4pm _____ 9pm _____ 11pm _____ 6am _________ 8am
2pm _____ 5pm _____ 10pm ____ 12am _____ 7am _________ 9am
3pm _____ 6pm _____ 11pm ____ 1am ______ 8am _________ 10am
4pm _____ 7pm _____ 12am ____ 2am ______ 9am _________ 11am
5pm _____ 8pm _____ 1am _____ 3am ______ 10am ________ 12pm
6pm _____ 9pm _____ 2am _____ 4am ______ 11am ________ 1pm
7pm _____ 10pm ____ 3am _____ 5am ______ 12pm ________ 2pm
8pm _____ 11pm ____ 4am _____ 6am ______ 1pm _________ 3pm
9pm _____ 12am ____ 5am _____ 7am ______ 2pm _________ 4pm
10pm ____ 1am _____ 6am _____ 8am ______ 3pm _________ 5pm
11pm ____ 2am _____ 7am _____ 9am ______ 4pm _________ 6pm
12am ____ 3am _____ 8am _____ 10am _____ 5pm _________ 7pm
1am _____ 4am _____ 9am _____ 11am _____ 6pm _________ 8pm
2am _____ 5am _____ 10am ____ 12pm _____ 7pm _________ 9pm
3am _____ 6am _____ 11am ____ 1pm ______ 8pm _________ 10pm
4am _____ 7am _____ 12pm ____ 2pm ______ 9pm _________ 11pm
5am _____ 8am _____ 1pm _____ 3pm ______ 10pm ________ 12am
6am _____ 9am _____ 2pm _____ 4pm ______ 11pm ________ 1am
7am _____ 10am ____ 3pm _____ 5pm ______ 12am ________ 2am
8am _____ 11am ____ 4pm _____ 6pm ______ 1am _________ 3am
9am _____ 12pm ____ 5pm _____ 7pm ______ 2am _________ 4am
9:37am __ 12:37pm _ 5:37pm __ 7:37pm ___ 2:37am ______ 4:37am
_____________________________ SUNSET in Jerusalem

As  expected nothing unusual (such as the start of a world war, or general apocalyptic events) happened during the sunset-to-sunset period. You might find it hard to believe but Ronald Weinland hasn't missed a beat! His destructive cult ministry continues, and he still expects to receive tithes from his sad 'sheep'. Within the next day or two (after his May 27 failure) he wrote a new blog entry on his website and produced a sermon. He announced that the new predicted date is the next Pentecost which is on May 19, 2013. Apparently a special appearance by Jesus is deferred until then. If I were you I wouldn't bet on it. It will be 'The Third Ron Weinland Fail Day'.

June 13, 2012 - Ronald Weinland was convicted for five counts of income tax evasion.
http://ronaldweinland.info/falseprophet/2012/06/13/yet-another-new-title-for-ronald-weinland/ .

1 comment:

jack635 said...

In case you're wondering, I'm *not* expecting to see or hear or feel anything unusual.

Have no fear Peter. The end of the world has been rescheduled again by Ron. Sermons start tomorrow. Send in your tithes.